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Epsom Salt - Natural Facial Exfoliate :)

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Here you will learn what works and what definitely did not work when using Epsom salt as an Exfoliate and I wouldn't want you to panic the same way I did when the wrong ingredients were mixed......

This past few days I have been really getting into using Epsom Salt which I purchased from Walgreens as a facial scrub.

Since I ran out of facial cleanser*, the past four days I have gotten into the habit of scrubbing my face morning and night with the salt.* I would pour enough to fit the middle of the palm of my hand which seems at least 2 tablespoons and with my other hand I would sprinkle some warm to hot water on it.

Instantly it would start to dissolve and I would scoop with my fingertips enough to scrub my entire face, starting at my cheeks, chin, and then the rest. My cheeks and my chin is the most effected by my acne.

The salt and water feels really good as an exfoliate :) It also feels as if it softens my skin as well.

After I would wash my face with warm water because I was advised not to leave the salt's residue on my face. I would use my toner or witch hazel in order to rid of anything left.

In the morning I would finish off with Ambi (Normal Skin) Fade Cream to clear up my dark spots.

At night I would finish off with Tea Tree Oil from Walgreens.

It is a refreshing experience and I have noticed that my routine at night with the Tea Tree Oil really helps with shrinking my acne.


TODAY!!! I almost panicked after trying something new!

Earlier this morning I googled "epsom salt facial care" and came across sites that shared that you can mix the salt with your cold cream or facial cleanser.

I was happy to have found my facial cleanser which is Desert Essence - Thoroughly Clean Fash Wash...I love it more so because of its Organic Ingredients :)

One of my major acne issues is oily skin and this cleanser does not leave my skin oily in reference to it's ingredients of multiple oils.

Castile Soap ~ Olive Oil ~ Coconut Oil,
Tea Tree Oil (Organic) (Melaleuca Alternifolia)
Extract of Matricaria (Chamomile) ~ Goldenseal
Awapuhi (Hawaiian White Ginger)
Bladderwrack ~ Essential Oil of Palmarosa
Petitgrain ~ Lavandine Super (Organic)
Peppermint Oil

So getting back to why I panicked.....

Today I tried mixing the same amount of Epsom Salt with one pump of Desert Essence and I sprinkled a bit of warm water as well and immediately the mix turned into a semi milky look and not really thinking of it, I started my scrubbing routine. The cheeks, chin, forehead and nose..... As I was scrubbing, the feeling wasn't the same soft moisturizing feeling that I would get with just warm to hot water and Epsom salt.

The feeling I got when trying to wash off this scrub mixture was a tight...sticky... doesn't want to come off my face kind of feeling..... and when I looked up at the mirror, I found white residue all over my eyebrows and the more I tried to wash it off the more it felt stickier like that gooey residue that is left when you try to wash and scrub the rest of the price tag sticker on a plastic or glass item you just purchased!!!!

And then I started to notice the same white residue developing throughout my whole face and no matter if I changed from really hot to COLD water, it would not wash off! So I just grabbed my towel, dampen it with warm water and scrubbed it all off! Whew!! What a relief!

Never again!!!!

That was for sure a Trial and Error experience and reading back into the sites that recommend mixing Epsom salt with either your facial cleanser or facial cream* My silly self didn't keep in mind to apply the instructions that they gave.


All in All, if you are interested in a wonderfully natural way to exfoliate and cleanse your face especially if suffering from Acne; Epsom Salt and water may be right for you. :) I also plan to use it as a body scrub before I cleanse. :)

Start in better to be safe then sorry small portions if you wish to mix with your cleanser.....

Please let me know how it works out for you :)

* I thought I ran out of cleanser but it was just misplaced heh heh; but when it was missing I got into my new Epsom Salt routine.

*I originally purchased the Epsom Salt after being advised by a mature friend of mine to soak a small towel in HOT water with the salt and when its bearable, cleanse your face with the towel. It will be able to help remove bacteria that causes Acne. After wash your face with a cleanser to remove the residue of the salt.

*Majority of the sites I referred to mentioned mixing with a facial cream....
The Many Benefits of Epsom Sat
This site suggests:
Facial Cleanser: Add Epson Salt to your favorite face cream for a great facial cleanser. Massage into the skin and rinse with cold water. Scrub Epson Salt on wet skin to exfoliate the skin on any part of your body.

What are Epsom Salts
For a Facial: use a teaspoon mixed with a facial cleanser and scrub. Wash clean with water and tone and moisturise as usual.

The Wonders of Epsom Salt
Easy Facial Cleanser: Mix ½ Tsp of Epsom Salt into cleansing cream for a deep-pore cleansing. Massage on skin. Rinse with cool water. Pat dry

Supermodel Beauty Secret
To cleanse your face: Mix a half-teaspoon of Epsom Salt with your regular cleansing cream. Just massage into skin and rinse with cold water.

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  2. Hi Amina! Me too ") I LUV'd hearing this song whenever it came on at the gym. The moment I discovered that Craig David sung this song was such a pleasant surprise and even better surprise how much more in shape he is in now! He looks great!

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  3. I have been battling with acne for the past year in which the last two months have become unbearable. Last month I remember soaking in Epson salts lavender scented. When I did so, I remember before the bath, traveling thru Florida, Georgia, then Tennessee and having horrible allergies due to the different climate. I noticed my allergies cleared up after I got out of the bathtub. So I figured "what the heck, why not try using as a face wash?" One problem. I have super retarded sensitive skin. Do you have any advise or me? Should I go ahead and just wash my far with it and see what happens?